Green House Gardening

Green House Gardening

Green- House-Gardening
Green- House-Gardening

Green House Gardening is an artificial methodology of cultivation in which favourable climatic conditions are duped inside a glass house so that flowers, fruits, and vegetables can be produced at a time, when growing them on soil may be impossible due to adverse climatic conditions. Greenhouse gardening, given the extent of infrastructure required, is not a cheap way of doing things and hence cannot be called a common man’s hobby like rose or home gardening. If somebody wishes to do greenhouse gardening in his/her house, then he is pursuing a costly enough leisure time activity.

Green House Gardening has long been used for holding plants over cold seasons and for growing tropical plants and less hardy fruits. Using greenhouse gardening for forcing vegetables is some sort of a technique that has evolved in the present century only. Practically and theoretically, greenhouse gardening can be effectively done in a ‘greenhouse’ as small as a room or an immense heated glass building called a hothouse or conservatory, covering acres of ground. Whatever be the case, the basic principles are the same – that is it is a form of cultivation done in regulated temperatures, humidity, and ventilation, inside a protected chamber. It, in fact, will turn out to be a necessity in the New Millennium given the magnitude of turmoil forced on nature by humans in the past century and the repercussions it had on the world climate.

A Green- House-Gardening
A Green- House-Gardening

Since greenhouse gardening involves growing plants indoors, it obviously has some stumbling blocks to overcome as compared with the natural plant growth in the outdoors.

A plant/herb growing inside a greenhouse will be mostly cultured in containers. But here, the drainage of water becomes a problem. The natural soil, with its unique ability of capillarity and nutrition conserving, is far superior and conducive to vegetation growth than a container bred plant. If not well attended, the plants grown in containers are prone to root diseases due to the retention of wetness owing to poor drainage. The best solution in this regard is to use a growing media with relatively poor capillarity or water-holding capacity.

Pest control is another big headache a greenhouse gardening friend is most likely to encounter. Nature has its own way of checks and balances for pest control, which are unfortunately missing in an artificial environment like the greenhouse. But this issue in greenhouse gardening can be countered by a system of integrated pest management techniques which includes a systematic screening for insects at the opening, using insect monitoring cards and suitable treatment if the pest infection has reached such a level where there is no other alternative. In implementing the last choice, better to use fewer chemicals and rely more on biological control.
The Green- House-Gardening
The Green- House-Gardening

We have mentioned some of the necessary steps that one needs to keep in mind while implementing greenhouse gardening. But the basic and most important aspect is the idea or knowledge you have about the intricacies of greenhouse gardening. It starts with an understanding of the differences between growing plants indoors and outdoors. Once thorough with the basics, one can move ahead to the complexities of the trade, which is greenhouse gardening. With proper care and application, working wonders with greenhouse gardening is not an impossible task but a simple and interesting enough exercise instead.